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100% Water Free

A Holistic Approach to Your Skin Care Regime

Planet Earth Essential Oils makes Organic Face Oils and Serums, water free.  What using Oils for the Face?

Despite what you may have been led to believe, putting oils on your skin doesn’t leave it feeling and looking greasy. Instead your skin is able to balance its own sebum production and you become less dependent on products. Planet Earth Essential Oils Face Oils & Serums are unlike most skincare products in that they contain no chemicals, mineral oils, synthetic substances, dyes, no water, fragrances or synthetic preservatives. Our skin can recover relatively quickly from harsh chemicals found in our skincare products when cared for with all natural ingredients. Pure organic goodness is so important, especially when you consider that your skin is your largest organ. Our gateway to physically experiencing the world around us, our skin absorbs everything it comes in contact with - even harmful toxins and chemicals that are present in many beauty products on the market today.

So stop putting chemicals and toxins on your face. Remember your skin, the body’s largest organ, does breathe. Unlike commercial creams and lotions which stay on the first layer of skin, Pure Essential Oils penetrate deep into the 2nd layer of skin, caring out their cell rejuvenating and healing properties. Essential oils are absorbed rapidly when applied topically to the skin. In as little as 5 to 25 minutes an essential oil makes it way from the skin into the bloodstream and then carried to the lungs, and then is exhaled with every breath. . Unlock the power of essential oils to revitalize the body, balance the mind, and lift the spirit. So be good to your skin, and in turn, it will be good to you.

We believe in using pure medicinal grade Essential Oils since they contain plant hormones, similar to estrogen, that have a direct effect on your skins’ tissue and collagen. Our special blend of essential oils is absorbed by the skin and has the effect of rejuvenating and renewing the cells, as well as firming the skin.  The renewing and healing benefits of essential oils make our facial oils ideal for treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema, scars, wrinkles, psoriasis. Even if your skin is non-problematic, our facial oils can help keep skin healthy and balanced.  We believe in only pure organic goodness.

Planet Earth Essential Oils is dedicated to providing organic products and all natural products that are healthy alternatives for skin care.  Our facial oils are full to the brim with benefits to your skin, internal systems, mind and spirit. The process of making our Planet Earth Essential Oils Products in its pure natural form, all of the healing properties remain intact.  Products are eco-friendly, Vegan, natural & organic and always handcrafted with love.

Good for the earth, good for you, Facial Oils from Planet Earth Essential Oils.