Jasmine Perfume ~ Organic

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Jasmine oil is very costly, because of the enormous quantity of flowers needed to produce a relatively small amount, and because it is extracted by the labor intensive method of enfleurage.  Also, Jasmine flowers are not picked until night time because the odor of Jasmine is more powerful after dark, due to changes in the plant’s internal chemistry.
Considered one of the most expensive and luxurious oil Since it takes 8 million Hand-picked Jasmine blossoms to produce 2.2lbs of oil!

Aroma: Exotic Floral
Jasmine Attributes:  Aprodisiac ~ Confidence ~ Optimistic ~ Euphoria
All Natural Organic Perfumes – featuring the most luxurious and expensive single note absolutes and essential oils in a base of Certified Organic Jojoba Oil. You won’t find any synthetic fragrances, or any other toxic additives or alcohols.
We believe in going green with Essential Oils.
Did you know?
The cosmetic and perfume industry uses over eight hundred neurotoxin chemical compounds in their products. You won’t find any of these ingredients in Planet Earth Essential Oils Perfume Products.
Shake Well to incorporate Oils.  Apply to pulse points.
Size: .35 oz(10ml) 
Formulated by a Certified Aromatherapist.

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    Finnally found it!

    Posted by E. T. on 13th Nov 2013

    I have been looking for organic jasmine perfume for years. My wife is allergic to every perfume we have tried and her favorite smell in the world is night blooming jasmine. This is perfect! She loves it and no headaches!

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    Beautiful Organic scent from nature

    Posted by Emani-TX on 9th May 2013

    Wonderfully talented seller who creates beautiful organic scents from nature, NOT chemical creations from a lab.

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    One of the nicest Jasmine oils ive ever smelled!

    Posted by Jo-Anne, Newport Beach, CA on 9th Aug 2012

    One of the nicest Jasmine oils ive ever smelled! thank you!